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Applied Legal Psychology Scientific Journal

The RFPS Academy has published the Applied Legal Psychology Scientific Journal since 2007. It contains articles on the contemporary topical legal psychology issues, applied and experimental research of social, legal, pedagogical and penitentiary psychology, gives extensive coverage of penitentiary and legal pedagogics. Authors of articles are famous scientists, practicing psychologists of the penal system, PhDs, graduate service members and postgraduates. The journal is distributed in Russian libraries, higher educational institutions and research centres.

All articles received by the Editorial Board are subject to obligatory reviewing and thorough discussion. The Journal is included in the Russian Title List and in the List of the Major Peer-Reviewed Journals and Periodicals where main scientific results of dissertations of Doctors of Sciences and Candidates of Sciences are to be published.

Founders are the RFPS Academy and the Higher School of Psychology.

It is registered by the Federal Service for Media Law Compliance and Cultural Heritage on October, 15th 2009. The mass media registration certificate is PI Number FS77-37860. ISSN 2072-8336.

Subscription code is 71617 in the Pressa Rossii catalogue and in the Rossiiskaia periodika internet catalogue.
Format: 60x90/16
Number of pages: doesn’t exceed 120 p.
Weight: doesn’t exceed 200 g
Circulation: 1500 copies
Periodicity: 4 issues a year
Distribution area: the Russian Federation
Dispatch system: target-focused (retail sale, collect on delivery mailing)