Table of contents and abstracts № 3 for 2022

Methodology and theory of legal psychology

  • Psychological problems of violation of service discipline by cadets of departmental educational organizations. (O. N. Mazeina, R. M. Voronin) 6
  • Value-motivational orientation of employeesof investigative bodies of the Russian Federation. (T. S. Puhareva, A. V. Rudin) 17

Applied and experimental researches

  • Psychological forecasting of the risks of expulsion of cadets of educational organizations of the Federal Penitentiary Service. (S. N. Sorokoumova, D. A. Kurdin) 26
  • Empirical study of the emotional sphere of juvenile suspects and accused in the pre-trial detention center. (G. I. Aksenova, P. Y. Aksenova, A. A. Kuznetsova) 33
  • Features of officers' adaptation to military service depending on the type of motivation. (A. A. Kiziyarova) 43
  • Criminal career: psychological and criminological aspect (A. S. Dushkin, V. B. Klishkov, M. A. Jakovleva) 52
  • The relationship of personal characteristics of employees of the penal system with aggressive behavior. (A. A. Mishin) 60
  • Features of the creative development of adolescent schoolchildren with deviant behavior. (I. V. Cheremisova) 66
  • Features of addictive behavior of employees of the penal system. (E. V. Ovcharova, Yu. N. Kucherova) 75
  • Psychological characteristics of convicts with disabilities, serving sentences in places of deprivation of liberty.(N. Z. Aligaeva) 81


  • The influence of the investigator's personal qualities on the accused women during interrogation: establishing psychological contact and its features. (S. G. Bashirova, G. A. Valeeva, N. N. Tavtilova) 92

Psychology of social phenomena and life quality

  • Resistance of students with disabilities and disabilities to destructive aggression during socio-psychological support. (N. I. Dunaeva, P. A. Gordeeva) 98

Assistance to administrators

  • On the issue of the effectiveness of conducting business negotiations (on the example of employees of the Federal Penitentiary Service). (A. O. Burtsev, L. A. Ermakova, E. V. Tkach) 106

Scientific life

  • Replenishment in educational publications on penitentiary psychology. (M. I. Kuznetsov) 118

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