Table of contents and abstracts № 1 for 2022

Methodology and theory of legal psychology

  • Social ideas about legitimization of aggression among military personnel with different professional statuses. (T. P. Skripkina) 6
  • The personality of an employee of the penal system as a key factor in improving its image. (N. A. Tsvetkova, Ya. N. Polyakova) 19
  • Harassment: a modern view of the problem. (S. G. Eremeev) 28

Applied and experimental researches

  • Psychological analysis of personnel with different typology of behavior in frustrating situations. (I. N. Noss, T. N. Kabanova) 36
  • Empirical study of cyberactivity and individual psychological characteristics of students in the process of adaptation to educational, professional and service activities (on the example of cadets of the Academy of the FPS of Russia). (T. A. Simakova) 46
  • Features of the value-motivational sphere of the personality of teenagers prone to deviant behavior. (V. E. Lapshin, N. V. Shamanin) 54
  • Interrelation of accentuation of character and life-meaning orientations of tubinfected convicts. (N. A. Il’inykh) 64
  • The relationship between stress tolerance and emotional burnout of employees of the Federal Penitentiary Service. (N. G. Sobolev, P. V. Potemkin, A. M. Andreev) 69
  • Humanstructural and linguoculturological approaches as tools for determining the level of criminogenicity of a person. (V. M. Trush, N. D. Gomonov, V. P. Timokhov) 78
  • The social role of convicts after release from prison. (A. F. Fedorov) 89
  • Experimental stage of development of moral and volitional qualities of cadets of educational organizations of the Federal Penitentiary Service. (S. L. Yakovleva) 96


  • Coping-behavior of employees of internal affairs bodies (by the example of heads of territorial bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation). (A. O. Burtsev, S. I. Kudinov, N. N. Tavtilova) 105
  • Raising the level of professionalism among officers of correctional institutions with the help of modern pedagogical technologies. (A. D. Pashukova) 113

Psychology of social phenomena and life quality

  • Features of the value-motivational sphere of people belonging to different types of life satisfaction. (G. M. Golovina, T. N. Savchenko) 121

Assistance to administrators

  • About organizational improvement of psychological preparation of personnel for actions in a difficult operational situation. (A. M. Kiselev) 129
  • Improving the process of educative training of cadets of educational organizations of the Federal Penitentiary Service. (S. A. Luzgin) 135

Scientific life

  • Legal Psychology: a new textbook. (M. I. Kuznetsov) 144
  • Reflections on the book «Penitentiary Psychology»: textbook (review). (T. V. Kirillova) 147

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