Table of contents and abstracts № 3 for 2021

Methodology and theory of legal psychology

  • Dynamics of the development of prosocial behavior among cadets-psychologists in the process of training in educational organizations of the Federal Penitentiary Service. (D. V. Sochivko, L. V. Shatokhina) 6
  • The system of social contacts of teenagers with stable illegal behavior in the context of the dominant orientation of the personality in communication. (I. A. Gor’kovaya, A. V. Miklyaeva) 12
  • A basic and constructive approach to the study of personality stress typology in the penal system. (K. B. Malyshev, P. V. Potemkin, A. M. Chirkov) 22

Applied and experimental researches

  • Features of social intelligence and decision-making strategies among employees of internal affairs bodies. (Yu. Yu. Strel’nikova, E. B. Pashechko, A. V. Shakhmatov) 30
  • Comparison of the dynamics of personal growth among cadets and students of civil universities. (D. A. Kurdin, N. Yu. Konoplin) 40
  • Manipulation of the consciousness of a potential victim of a crime by means of music in the style of «horrorcore rap». (S. M. Vorob’ev, I. V. Cheremisova) 50
  • Psychological analysis of a neurotic’s personality. (O. I. Sochivko, I. V. Misnik) 59
  • Psychological mechanisms of behavior regulation of persons sentenced to imprisonment. (Ya. V. Samiulina) 67


  • The relationship of the psychological climate in the labor team with the effectiveness of official activity. (A. A. Mishin) 71
  • Investigation of the possibilities of complex psychological and linguistic expertise in assessing the reliability of testimony. (A. V. Pominov) 76

Psychology of social phenomena and life quality

  • Alexithymia as an emotional factor of the structure of the subjective quality of life. (T. N. Savchenko, G. M. Golovina) 82

Assistance to administrators

  • Domestic and foreign approaches to the study of transaction capacity. (Yu. O. Perepravina) 93
  • Dynamics of individual psychological characteristics of police officers in a situation of high emergency preparedness. (V. G. Bulygina, A. A. Dubinskiy, T. N. Kabanova) 101

Scientific life

  • To the anniversary of professor of the department of general and pedagogical psychology of the Academy of the FPS of Russia, Sc.D (Pedagogy), Professor, colonel of the internal service Galina Ivanovna Aksenova. (E. E. Gavrina, M. I. Kuznetsov) 109
  • Psychology of professional activity: a textbook and a practical course for universities (review). (M. I. Kuznetsov) 111


  • Ivan Ivanovich Kuptsov (August 10, 1934 – July 31, 2021). Necrologue. (T. A. Simakova) 115

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