Table of contents and abstracts № 2 for 2021

Methodology and theory of legal psychology

  • Psychological and organizational problems in the activities of polygraph examiners of the penitentiary system and their overcoming. (O. G. Kovalev, S. V. Gornostaev) 6
  • Comparative functional analysis of the personal states of mentally ill patients with a diagnosis of «neurosis» and patients with a diagnosis of «schizophrenia». (D. V. Sochivko) 15
  • Accentuation of the nature of the subjects of addictive behavior. (T. N. Gorobets, D. I. Kechil) 24

Applied and experimental researches

  • The dynamics of the development of psychological defenses among employees of correctional institutions of the Federal Penitentiary Service. (V. E. Lapshin, T. V. Galich) 33
  • Socio-psychological mechanisms and techniques for facilitating the communicative contact of a psychologist with a juvenile in an interrogation situation. (N. V. Luk’yanchenko, L. S. Zakharova) 45
  • Biological, personal and social in the origin of crime. (G. V. Shcherbakov, I. V. Lavrent’eva) 50
  • Psychological features of aggressive behavior of police officers in the family (on the example of the National Police of the Republic of Paraguay and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. (Saracho Salina Fabiola Noemi, L. N. Kostina, I. A. Koval’chuk) 65
  • Psychological criteria for convicts’ correction. (E. V. Ovcharova) 71
  • The possibilities of psychotherapy of auto-destructive behavior among employees of the penal system. (R. N. Kiseleva) 76
  • The psychology of loss. Methods of diagnostics and correction of physiogeny in the borderline mental state of military personnel and employees of the Federal Penitentiary Service. (V. I. Serov) 84


  • Personal characteristics of candidates for service in the penal system with a risk factor identified during a polygraph test «Facts of the use of psychoactive and narcotic substances for non-medical purposes». (O. M. Pisarev, N. P. Kontsidalova) 92

Psychology of social phenomena and life quality

  • Speech behavior of the teacher as a factor of spiritualization of thinking. (T. N. Demko, L. N. Fedoseeva, T. E. Alekseeva) 103

Assistance to administrators

  • On the formation of psychological readiness of law enforcement personnel or professional activity in crisis situationsl. (A. M. Kiselev) 113
  • About the psychological causes of official discipline violations by employees of the penal system. (E. S. Lobanova, A. N. Mikhaylov) 118
  • Actual psychological problems of emotional burnout among employees of the penitentiary system and modern ways to solve them. (E. O. Anan’eva, P. V. Ivliev) 126
  • Theoretical foundations of psychological support for the official activities of employees of operational units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. (A. S. Dushkin, N. A. Goncharova, V. N. Mikhalev) 134

Scientific life

  • III All-Russian Symposium of Psychologists. (M. I. Kuznetsov) 142

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