Table of contents and abstracts № 4 for 2020

Methodology and theory of legal psychology

  • Political and legal image of Peter I on the Internet: a psychological study. (A. L. Zhuravlev, D. A. Kitova) 6
  • Methodology and method of personal Internet space research among cadets of educational organizations of the Federal penitentiary service. (D. V. Sochivko, T. A. Simakova) 20
  • Basic methods of psychological research: features and experience of application. (I. I. Kuptsov, T. V. Pivovarova) 32

Applied and experimental researches

  • To the question of the need to develop anticipatory abilities among juveniles convicted without deprivation of liberty . (O. V. Volotkevich, A. A. Romanov) 40
  • Features of the value-semantic sphere of convicts sentenced to long terms of imprisonment, who are prone to commit suicide and self-harm. (M. A. Cherkasova, V. I. Ogorodnikov) 45
  • Value orientation of TB-infected convicts. (I. S. Ganishina, N. A. Il’inykh) 52
  • On the use of multitherapy method in psychocorrective work with juvenile convicts. (D. E. Dikopol’tsev, V. N. Kazantsev) 59
  • Correlation of types and mechanisms of psychological protection of employees’ personality working at the penal system’s security departments. (E. V. Ovcharova) 67
  • Forms of influence on various categories of convicts: psychological aspect. (V. S. Ponkratova) 73
  • The image of the parent family in juvenile convicts’ minds. (A. A. Istomin, O. V. Istomina, D. I. Kechil) 78
  • Basic structural transformations of the military personnel’s personality of special units as an effect of their experience in extreme conditions of service. (V. S. Matveev) 84
  • Features of emotional and personal maturity of female convicts serving sentences in prison. (M. V. Ovsyannikova) 94


  • Design of a psychological study of the professional autonomy structure of the lawyer’s personality. (E. V. Kachanovskaya) 100

Psychology of social phenomena and life quality

  • Locus of control and communicative tolerance in conflict behavior of state employees (at the stage of their professional development). (N.S. Kornilova, S.A. Gaponova, I.V. Cheremisova) 106

Assistance to administrators

  • Motivational predictors of service loyalty among subjects of educational and professional activity. (N. A. Goncharova, A. A. Sarsenova, V. Yu. Aleshina) 116

Scientific life

  • Anniversary of the department of social psychology and social work. (M. I. Kuznetsov) 124

Table of contents and abstracts 127

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