Table of contents and abstracts № 2 for 2020

Methodology and theory of legal psychology

  • The main components and stages of an individual correctional process. (A. N. Pastushenya) 6
  • Manipulation of consciousness: how to reduce the risks of extremist influences on young people? (A. M. Salikhov, I. P. Krasnoshchechenko) 15
  • Psychodynamics of existential-personal transformations of the personality in the process of training and service in closed social systems. (D. V. Sochivko) 24

Applied and experimental researches

  • Psychological structure of young and mature persons’ responsibility. (T. M. Bespalova, S. I. Kudinov) 34
  • Analysis of dominant personality states in the forecast of adaptation to professional activity among employees of Internal Affairs bodies. (N. A. Goncharova, E. A. Popinako) 41
  • Diagnostics of features of personality’s intellectual sphere. (L. V. Shatokhina, M. V. Lebedev, M. M. Kalashnikova) 51
  • Typology of women convicted for violent crimes, and who need various types of psychological assistance. (N. O. Makukh) 58
  • About the experience of using the method of metaphorical associative maps when working with male youth convicts in order to increase their socio-psychological maturity. (O. V. Teteukhina) 66


  • Psychological assessment and development of intellectual and personal potential of employees of the Federal penitentiary service at the initial stage of their official activities. (I. A. Koval’chuk, O. N. Komarova) 74
  • A conceptual approach to the formation of deviant behavior among juvenile offenders. (M. V. Shaykova) 82

Psychology of social phenomena and life quality

  • About the psychology of human weaknesses. (E. N. Bogdanov, V. G. Zazykin) 88
  • Socio-psychological features of accepting old age. (I. I. Patsakula, E. I. Khachikyan, I. V. Zaychikova) 94

Assistance to administrators

  • Gender differences in manifestations of emotional intelligence in the professional activities of modern heads. (O. V. Tenyaeva) 101
  • Influence of management style on the psychological climate of the organization (on the example of service teams of the MIA of Russia. (A. O. Burtsev, N. N. Tavtilova) 107

Scientific life

  • All-Russian Symposium of psychologists. (M. I. Kuznetsov) 117

Dura lex sed lex

  • Typology of I-protective behavior of military personnel in normal and extreme conditions of service. (V. S. Matveev) 119

Obituaries 127

Table of contents and abstracts 129

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