Table of contents and abstracts № 4 for 2019

Methodology and theory of legal psychology

  • Knowledge needs in psychology as a factor of professional training. (D. A. Kitova, N. R. Aprelikova) 9
  • Methodology and methods of prosocial behavior research. (D. V. Sochivko, S. K. Bondyreva) 23
  • Personality typology of drug-addicted juveniles. (I. S. Ganishina, R. M. Voronin) 34

Applied and experimental researches

  • The role of various sources of social and psychological support in subjective well-being of juveniles, waiting for a court decision in a detention facility. (L. A. Shaygerova, A. G. Dolgikh, F. I. Ushkov, O. V. Almazova) 39
  • Victim qualities diagnosis of cadets in educational organizations of the Federal penitentiary service of Russia as a basis for victimological safety. (I. V. Cheremisova, D. P. Paulkina) 50
  • Implicit research of professional intelligence of a psychologist. (L. V. Shatokhina, T. G. Avdeeva, M. M. Kalashnikova) 56
  • The technology of «feelings tracking» in psychological counseling based on the holodynamic approach. (M. E. Kirichkova) 63
  • About the need to develop some professionally significant qualities among cadets of educational organizations of the Federal penitentiary service. (V. V. Sundukova, V. I. Ogorodnikov) 73
  • To the question of psychological features of delinquent behavior formation among juveniles. (O. A. Teregulova) 78


  • Some psychological exercises (techniques) to increase the level of subjective vitality (on the example of employees of Internal Affairs of Russia). (A. O. Burtsev, N. V. Efimkina) 86
  • The problem of leadership and power correlation among the cadets of military Institutes. (A. N. Sivak, O. A. Belyaeva) 91 

Psychology of social phenomena and life quality

  • Interrelation of personality identity in subjective quality of life and satisfaction with it. (T. N. Savchenko, G. M. Golovina) 99
  • Assessment center as an effective technology for assessing the level of personal competence formation among Internal Affairs officers (O. A. Ul’yanina, M. N. Dashko) 112

Scientific life

  • Experience of training seminars «Features of joint activity of clergy and employees of the penal system in the field of correction, resocialization and spiritual and moral education of suspects, accused and convicted persons held in correctional institutions and pre-trial detention centers» for representatives of religious organizations that show obedient in institutions and bodies of the penal system (V. N. Chornyy, T. A. Simakova, O. G. Anan’ev) 115 
  • Digitalization of society: psychological problems of personality, reputational security, legal responsibility. On the experience of the all-Russian scientific-practical seminar «Applied legal psychology». (T. A. Simakova) 125

Assistance to administrators

  • Professional reputation of employees of the Penal system. (E. E. Gavrina) 127

Dura lex sed lex

  • Theoretical and methodological research aspects of subject transformation of law enforcement officers. (A. S. Porshukov) 135

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