Table of contents and abstracts № 3 for 2019

Methodology and theory of legal psychology

  • Psychological bases of prevention of talent criminalization. (D. B. Bogoyavlenskaja) 8
  • Existential psychodynamics of the personality’s empirical «I». (D. V. Sochivko) 16
  • Spiritual and moral education of future officers (theory and practice). (R. R. Khajrutdinov, L. M. Litvina, F. G. Muhametzyanova, G. I. Aksenova, P. Ju. Aksenova) 30

Applied and experimental researches

  • Historical background of psychological support of convicted women with children in pre-revolutionary Russia. (T. V. Kalashnikova, M. M. Kalashnikova, E. N. Kozhevnikova) 38
  • Psychological and pedagogical aspects of employees’ personality correction, working in the penal system, prone to aggression. (V. E. Lapshin, T. V. Galich) 46
  • Individual styles of profiling behavior of law enforcement officers. (M. A. Gamidov) 53
  • Personal characteristics of juvenile convicts serving sentences for crimes against sexual freedom and inviolability. (O. B. Shreder) 60
  • Project activities at the university as a condition for the development of students’ cognitive activity. (S. V. Levchuk) 68
  • The use of the primary diagnosis results of the young people propensity to destructive behavior in preventive activities of employees in Internal Affairs bodies. (L. N. Nikitina) 73
  • Adaptation of formal figure test of frustrations in the process of personal and professional diagnosis of employees in law enforcement agencies. (I. N. Noss, T. N. Kabanova) 81


  • Expert evaluation of professional and personal growth of officers, working in correctional institutions, in the process of directed psychological development of their professional competence. (G. S. Karpova, D. V. Sochivko, A. N. Pastushenya) 90
  • Psychological support of convicts, sentenced for extremist and terrorist crimes. (О. I. Sochivko) 91 99

Psychology of social phenomena and life quality

Physiogeny. Quantum theory and mechanism of action of acupuncture on homeostasis of functional systems in physiogenic losses in military personnel and employees of the penal system in extreme conditions of life. (V. I. Serov, E. V. Ovcharova) 104

Scientific life

  • To the anniversary of the editor-in-chief of the journal «Applied legal psychology» Sochivko Dmitrij Vladislavovich 115
  • To the 85th anniversary of Professor Kuptsov’Ivan Ivanovich birth. (N. I. Tkachenko, S. E. Korysheva) 117
  • The history of the department in the history of the educational institution (to the 85th anniversary of the Academy of FPS of Russia and to the 45th anniversary of the department of legal psychology and pedagogy). (M. I. Kuznecov, S. A. Luzgin) 120

Assistance to administrators

Psychological component of the illegal use of physical force and (or) special means in relation to convicts sentenced to imprisonment. (A. M. Smirnov) 123

Dura lex sed lex

Mediative technologies in terms of educational impact on convicts. (S. A. Gorkina) 130

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