Table of contents and abstracts № 2 for 2019

Methodology and theory of legal psychology

  • Deviant behavior in the context of culture. (T. N. Demko) 6 7
  • The problem of personal image of psychologists and service activities of the federal penitentiary service. (V. G. Zazykin, D. I. Kechil, D. A. Kurdin) 15
  • Psychological peculiarities of professional self-determination in the labor dynasties in the Federal Penitentiary Service. (N. V. Shamanin, V. Е. Lapshin) 19
  • Psychodynamic typology of prosocial (distant) behavior. (D. V. Sochivko) 28

Applied and experimental researches

  • Social and psychological characteristics of parental attitude perception by drug-addicted delinquents of youth age. (S. A. Krasnenkova, I. I. Markova) 36
  • A joint police and educational organizations activity in the propaganda of legal knowledge. (S. G. Еremeev) 46
  • Some personal characteristics of convicts condemned for violent crimes. (V. S. Ponkratova) 52
  • Frustration tolerance and value-based orientations in predicting risk of committing socially dangerous actions of persons with organic mental disorders. (V. A. Rumyancev) 56
  • About the question of convicts’ mental disorders. (O. I. Sochivko, G. M. Tokareva) 66


  • Systemic and situational analysis of police commissioners activities in modeling of personal and professional reliability. (Kravchenko A. V.) 72
  • About the value of psychological knowledge, skills and abilities during interrogation. (S. V. Prokurova) 79

Psychology of social phenomena and life quality

  • Semantic space of professional activity success of employees of the penal system. (T. A. Boldyreva) 88
  • Religion and its influence on persons sentenced to deprivation of liberty. (V. V. Fomin) 101

Scientific life

  • Psychology of the XXI Century: challenges, searches, vectors of development. (T. A. Simakova, E. E. Gavrina) 108

Assistance to administrators

  • Anti-corruption position of a cadet of the educational organization of the federal penitentiary service as a pedagogical category. (S. V. Ohapkin) 111

Dura lex sed lex

  • Constructive communication as the purpose and means of practical psychologist’s work in the institutions of the penal system. (O. N. Rakitskaya) 119

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