Table of contents and abstracts № 1 for 2019

Methodology and theory of legal psychology

  • Criminal conduct notion: in search of different approaches and several main results of researches in the sphere of psychology of criminal conduct. (I. V. Lavrent’eva, G. V. Shherbakov) 6
  • Psychological-and-acmeological changes in the structure of FPS employee personality subject to age. (D. V. Sochivko) 18
  • The role of consciousness in person’s understands of modern society. (V. I. Kolesov) 26
  • Socio-psychological adaptation of adults with regard to early disadaptive schemas. (M. V. Galimzyanova, P. M. Kas’yanik, E. V. Romanova, A. A. Zavarzina, E. N. Bogdanov) 31

Applied and experimental researches

  • Psychodynamic approach in empirical psychological researches. (D. V. Sochivko, O. I. Sochivko) 40
  • Anti-extremist legal awareness: to justification of notion and elaboration of proposals for training program for youth. (A. M. Salikhov, I. P. Krasnoshhechenko) 49
  • Years of professional experience as a factor that determines differences in perception of stress in investigating officials. (M.S. Moskovskaya, T. N. Kabanova, A. A. Dubinski) 59
  • Individual and social factors of vengeful behavior. (K. V. Zlokazov, S. S. Kappushev, A. M. Ivanova) 69
  • Motivation of the convicts to labour as a precondition for their re-socialization. (B. V. Аleksandrov) 77


  • Correlation of leadership style and interpersonal relations with the performance efficiency in officers who serve in penal system institutions with guns. (А. N. Mikhajlov, А. I. Аndreev) 84

Psychology of social phenomena and life quality

  • Coping behavior of police officers with different levels of life meaningfulness. (T. S. Pukhareva) 92
  • Actual, mirror and desirable image of detention facility officer. (N. A. Tsvetkova, Ya. N. Polyakova) 98
  • Spirituality concept: psychological aspect. (V. P. Yartseva) 108

Assistance to administrators

  • Optimization of adaptation of law enforcement officers for actions in crisis situations by means of psychological impact. (A. M. Kiselev) 122

Scientific life

  • Establishment of scientific-methodological Centre named after V.G. Deev in the Academy of FPS of Russia. (N. I. Tkachenko) 127

Dura lex sed lex

  • Developing consulting for heads of the internal affairs agencies: conditions and prerequisites. (I. V. Zhukovskaya) 130

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