Table of contents and abstracts № 4 for 2018

Methodology and theory of legal psychology

  • Problem of person’s adaptation in foreign psychology. (G. I. Aksenova, P. Yu. Аksenova, I. I. Kuptsov) 6
  • Problem of professionalism of psychologists of official activities in FPS of Russia. (E. N. Bogdanov, D. I Kechil) 12
  • Formation of social competences in modern society as a factor for successful self-realization. (V. I. Kolesov, A. N., Smolonskaya, S. I. Smolonskij) 18
  • Peculiarities of self esteem of corrupt criminals. (M. V. Kroz, N. А. Ratinova) 23

Applied and experimental researches

  • On application of method for calculation of D. V. Sochivko’s psychodynamic coefficients to convicted women with personal disorders. (D. V. Sochivko, O. I. Sochivko) 32
  • Escapism “good” and escapism “bad”: empiric verification of the model. (E. V. Belovol, A. A. Kardapol’tseva) 38
  • Criminalization of juveniles as a problem of modern society (psychological, socio-psychological and clinical-and-psychopathological factors). (A. A. Grigor’eva, Yu. S. Аfonina, T. N. Kabanova) 49
  • The experience of Gestalt Therapy in work with suspects and accused and convicted persons. (E. N. Kozhevnikova, А. А., Zharkikh, S. N. Chudakova) 60
  • Peculiarities of psychological support of convicted girls with low level of personal responsibility. (M. M. Kalashnikova, T. V. Kalashnikova, L. V. Shatokhina) 65


  • The efficiency of psychological tactics of interaction with interrogated person when investigating the crime. (E. V. Chernysheva) 71
  • Psychophysical rehabilitation of women with anxiety-depression syndrome. (N. V. Shvygina, N. M. Valeev, Yu. M. Аrkanov) 82

Psychology of social phenomena and quality of life

  • Study of subjective quality of life and life satisfaction in adolescents and parents. (T. N. Savchenko, G. M. Golovina) 88
  • Role of police officer’s image while ensuring security during public events. (R. M. Sultanova, Yu. V. Chumanov) 102

Assistance to administrators

  • Diagnostic-and-prognostic criteria of managerial competence of Internal Affairs Department’s heads. (V. I. Reutova) 109

Scientific life

  • Actual problems of penal system educational colonies at present stage. (T. A. Simakova, O. G. Anan’ev) 116

Obituaries 118

Dura lex sed lex

  • On the relationship of individual properties of penitentiary criminals and ways of committing crimes. (A. V. Akchurin) 121

Table of contents and abstracts 127

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