Table of contents and abstracts № 3 for 2018

Methodology and theory of legal psychology

  • Psychodynamic doctrines of late antiquity in psychology and philosophy. (D. V. Sochivko) 6
  • Problem of negative consequences of person’s life activity in cyberspace. (A. V. Pishhelko) 19
  • Internal and external threats for security of Russia and problems of cybersocialization. (S. V. Garnik, S. N. Ovchinnikov) 24
  • Actual problems of methodology of convicts’ psychotherapy. (N. S. Oboturovа, A. M. Chirkov) 28

Applied and experimental researches

  • Social support of former convicts under post-penal system. (V. I. Kolesov, А. N. Smolonskaya, S. I. Smolonskij) 37
  • Psychological adaptation of students in specialized educational groups. (T. V. Kirillova, S. V. Zabegalina, A. I. Abdullaeva) 41
  • Influence of prison subculture on individuality of convicted youths. (V. E. Lapshin, T. V. Galich) 49
  • On the experience of short-term correction of borderline mental states of the convicts in places of detention. (I. S. Ganishina, V. V. Sundukova) 54
  • Individual-typological mechanisms of aggressive-violent behavior in norma and mental pathology. (N. E. Lysenko) 58
  • Prevention of destructive events and manifestations of criminal subculture among convicted juveniles in young offenders’ institutions. (O. B. Shreder) 68
  • Intellectual and personal potential of future specialist of FPS of Russia: psychological support. (I. A. Koval’chuk, I. B. Lebedev) 80
  • Peculiarities in manifestation of emotional feelings by convicted women serving sentence in penal colonies at different stages of imprisonment. (M. V. Ovsyannikova, M. Yu. Konarev) 86


  • Study of propensity for victim behavior in adolescents with different relations with parents. (T. V. Belinskaya, M. K. Volkova) 94
  • Semantic space of professional successfulness of penal system employees. (Т. А. Boldyreva) 103
  • Suicide from unrequited love as a socio-psychological problem. (А. М. Smirnov) 116

Assistance to administrators

  • Comparative analysis of personal peculiarities of active and former law enforcement officers, who have committed criminal – aggressive acts. (T. G. Vasilenko) 123

Scientific life

  • Congratulations on the anniversary of Bogdanov Yevgeny Nikolaevich! 133

Dura lex sed lex

  • Communicative competence of clergy in the prevention of extremism and proselytism in custodies. (Т. А. Simakova, Е. А. Shhelkushkina) 134

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