Table of contents and abstracts № 2 for 2018

Methodology and theory of legal psychology

  • Innovative model of professional activity and professional training of penal psychologists. (A. V. Pishhelko, D. V. Sochivko, M. Yu. Bykov) 6
  • Happy Planet Index and psychological state of Russian society. (A. N. Lebedev, O. V. Gordyakova) 14
  • Methodological approaches to personal competence formation in students of educational organizations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. (O. A. Ul’yanina) 26
  • Modern methods for identification of persons with criminal intents. (A. A. Taganova, A. O. Burtsev) 34

Applied and experimental researches

  • Modern methods of psychological diagnostics of suicidal behavior in patients. (Eh. G. Аbakarova, O. I. Boev, O. A. Semenova) 39
  • Psychological support of women serving criminal sentences without isolation from society. (A. N. Mikhajlov, Е. А. Shhelkushkina) 47
  • Correlation between situational analysis and social apperception in riot militiamen. (V. G. Bulygina, A. A. Dubinskij, М. М Pronicheva, М. Е. Kovaleva) 52
  • Analysis of psychological mechanisms of positive cyber-socialization. (Т. А. Simakova, Е. Е. Gavrina, I. A. Koval’chuk) 59
  • Psychodiagnostic model for prediction of professional success in heads of Internal Affairs departments. (V. I. Reutova) 65
  • Personal characteristics of adolescents sentenced to punishment without isolation from society. (N. A. Tsvetkova, Ya. N. Polyakova, l. P. Lobacheva) 70
  • Peculiarities of suicidal risk of the convicts serving their sentences at places of detention. (E. V. Saraeva, K. R. Dolmatova) 80


  • Psychometric analysis of Russian-language scale of wisdom 3D-WS. (S. Eh. Drovosekov) 88
  • Some organizational and management aspects of realization of educational influence on suspects, accused and convicted juveniles at the pre-trial detention centers. (S. A. Gorkina) 96

Assistance to administrators

  • To the question of elimination of stressful situations in subjects of investigation and search activity as one of the main tasks of investigative psychology. (V. A. Serednev) 102
  • Legislative regulators of professional training of penal system employees for the work in crisis situations. (А. М. Kiselev) 107

Scientific life

  • On the outcome of All Russian scientific-practical seminar “Applied Legal psychology” on the theme “Psychological consequences of cyber-socialization”. (E. E. Gavrina, T. N. Savchenko) 111
  • Peculiarities of joint activity of the clergy and penal officers in the sphere of re-socialization and spiritual and moral education of suspects, accused persons and convicted prisoners in correctional institutions and detention centers. (O. G. Anan’ev, T. A. Simakova) 117

Dura lex sed lex

  • Socio-psychological aspects of prevention of violent penal criminality. (E. A. Minkova) 121
  • On several psychological and tactical negotiating techniques in the release of hostages. (V. V. Fomin) 126

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