Table of contents and abstracts № 4 for 2017

Methodology and theory of legal psychology

  • Subjectity of students as a way of formation of higher education antifragility. (G. I. Aksenova, M. I. Kuptsov, P. Yu. Aksenova) 6
  • Subject-oriented approach in correctional activity of educational colonies. (F. G. Mukhametzyanova, O. L. Panchenko) 13
  • Comparative analysis of identity of convicted persons serving sentence for crimes against public order and personality of convicted for mercenary crimes. (D. V. Sochivko, V. S. Klimenko) 19
  • Psychological work in the bodies of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation: history of formation, current state and prospects of development. (O. A. Ulyanina) 25

Applied and experimental researches

  • Comparative analysis of personal characteristics of penal system employees according to experts’ assessment of their personality. (O. S. Аlekseeva, L. А. Nilova, N. А. Tsvetkova) 32
  • Comparative analysis of individual-typological predestination to service in special-purpose units of Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia. (N. V. Аnkudinov, А. А. Zharkikh, E. L. Komissarov) 42
  • Emotional and volitional readiness of Penal System of Russia universities students to firing from military weapons. (N. А. Polyanin, E. V. Pintyashin) 49

Psychology of social phenomena and life quality

  • Influence of penal system modernization on employees’ attitude to service. (E. E. Gavrina., V. I. Ogorodnikov) 57
  • Questionnaire “Intuition in the structure of activity self-regulation”: validation on the sample of Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia officers. (P. E. Grigor’ev, I. V. Vasil’eva, S. V. Ivantsov, А. N. Ignatov) 65
  • Conditions for realization of psychological and pedagogical control of interpersonal relations between students of military universities. (L. V. Shatokhina, T. V. Kirillova, N. А. Tyugaeva) 73


  • Influence of organizational culture of Penal system establishments and agencies on formation of official position of an employee. (D. V. Pestrikov) 83
  • Psychotraumatization of a personality of convicted men with long term of imprisonment and its prevention. (V. G. Rogach, E. V. Serebryanik) 90

Assistance to administrators

  • Repeat violator of the regime in correctional institutions of Russian Federation. (G. V. Kurbatova, S. А. Kutyakin, O. V. Ivanova) 97
  • Implementation of international standards of quality: how do personnel feel about changes? (G. E. Rojtberg, N. V. Kondratova) 101

Assistance to young scientists

  • Officer of Penal System: the image of profession. (R. M. Voronin, А. M. Kiselev, I. А. Koval’chuk) 107

Scientific life

  • Stoical courage, bravery and greatness of spirit of Stepan Pusakov. (P. P. Bod’ko, N. I. Tkachenko) 114
  • Problems of restorative and sports medicine. (А. V. Datij, А. D. Fesyun, А. V. Vlasenko) 117

Dura lex sed lex

  • The Russian experience of government contracts in the age of Enlightenment. (B. E. Koshelyuk) 119

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