Table of contents and abstracts № 3 for 2017

Methodology and theory of legal psychology

  • Expert’s psychological and psychiatric diagnostics of self-regulation ability of the accused and victims of mental influence cases. (F. S. Safuanov, E. V. Makushkin) 6
  • Violations of social identity as the cause of spreading of extremist ideology in youth. (K. V. Zlokazov, S. N. Chudakova) 17
  • Psychological peculiarities of decision making in employees of defence and law enforcement agencies. (T. N. Kabanova, E. M. Shmakova, L. N. Sautova) 25

Applied and experimental researches

  • Empirical structure of individual representation of loyalty. (S. V. Gornostaev, T. А. Zhil’nikov) 33
  • A study on the relationship of resilience with the level of suicidal risk among remand prisoners held in custody. (A. M. Mamchenko, N. A. Tsvetkova) 41
  • Psychology of loss: early diagnostics of liminal, borderline states of a person as an indicator of suicidal activity in FSIN of Russia employees. (V. I. Serov) 50
  • Socio-psychological aspects of syndrome of emotional burn-out in psychologists of different spheres of professional activity. (S. А. Krasnenkova, L. N. Gridyaeva) 60
  • The work of practical psychologists with suspected, accused and convicted juveniles in pre-trial prisons. (O. I. Sochivko) 65
  • Psychological aspects of improvement of professional development of executives (by the example of Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation). (A. O. Burtsev) 69
  • Influence of gender differences on peculiarities of stress’s perception in police employees (review of foreign investigations). (М. S. Moscovskaya, V. G. Bulygina) 76

Psychology of social phenomena and life quality

  • Correlation between nurturing parenting styles and early maladaptive schemes. (E. N. Bogdanov, P. M. Kas’yanik, M. V. Galimzyanova, E. V. Romanova, D. M. Farrell) 83
  • Correlation of commitment for alcohol drinking and peculiarities of personal responsibility in modern teenagers. (N. A. Fomina, V. B. Orlov) 94


  • Organization of work of methodical cabinet in penal educational colonies. (N. I. Makhiboroda) 104

Assistance to administrators

  • Counseling as a resource for professional and personal development of the heads of territorial bodies of internal affairs. (I. V. Zhukovskaya) 111
  • Staffing as strategic and tactical directions in penal system. (O. V. Kochkina) 118

Assistance to young scientists

  • Psychological training of penal system employees. (O. А. Vorob’eva) 125

Scientific life

  • A man who integrates art and science (to 60-th anniversary of Аleksandr Yur’evich Efremov). (N. I. Makhiboroda) 129
  • Public health and organization of health services. (А. V. Datij, А. D. Fesyun, А. V. Vlasenko) 131

Dura lex sed lex

  • Legal nature of juridical responsibility in penal executive law. (D. А. Lipinskij) 133
  • System of correctional technologies of work with the convicts as a basis for their successful re-socialization (by the example of Administration of Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia in Tomsk region). (S. A. Gorkina) 141.

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