Table of contents and abstracts № 2 for 2017

Methodology and theory of legal psychology

  • Modern versions of Russian national idea. (A. V. Yurevich) 6
  • Social deprivation and suicidal behavior of youth in present-day Russia. (A. V. Pishhelko) 15
  • Aggressiveness and implicit theory of violence. (S. N. Enikolopov, N. V. Chudova) 18
  • About methodology of psychological prevention of person’s drug addiction. (I. S. Ganishina) 27

Applied and experimental researches

  • Psychodynamics of gender self-identity in convicted men and women. (D. V. Sochivko, E. А. Shhelkushkina) 33
  • Relationship between legal awareness and personal identity as an indicator of wrongful behavior: the experience of empiric study. (K. V. Zlokazov, E. V. Raspopin, R. R. Muslumov) 43
  • Methodological-organizational model of involvement of convicts in correctional training. (А. N. Pastushenya) 52
  • To the problem of psychophysiological study of inclined to extremist crime convicts (subject to video recording of operation materials). (V. F. Engalychev, M. A. Kaluzhina, O. A. Mayorov) 60
  • Peculiarities of deviant behavior nature in student’s youth. (S. V. Baburin) 69
  • Peculiarities of perception of significant life situations by incurable men convicts (by the example of HIV- infected convicts). (А. N. Mikhajlov) 73
  • Interpersonal relations of students of educational institutions of the Federal Penal Service of Russia in psychological dimension. (L. V. Shatokhina, M. M. Kalashnikova) 80

Psychology of social phenomena and life quality

  • Knowledge of students’ youth about extremism ant attitude to its manifestations. (E. N. Bogdanov, I. P. Krasnoshhechenko, А. S. Kuznetsova,
    А. V. Tsaplina) 86
  • Influence of micro-stratum on formation of juvenile delinquent personality. (O. L. Degtyareva) 95


  • Psychological support of sport activity of students-members of sport teams in educational organizations of MIA of Russia. (O. А. Ul’yanina) 102

Assistance to administrators

  • To the problem of origins and nature of understanding of corruption in the system of state service. (D. A. Panarin, A. V. Parshkov) 109

Scientific life

  • The mach of millennium. (N. I. Tkachenko, P. P. Bod’ko) 115
  • Davydov Gennadij Pavlovich (1927–2010) 119

Assistance to young scientists

  • Comparative analysis of application of different methods of statistical processing in the study of efficiency of psycho-correctional work with convicts. (A. V. Sukharev, A. P. Sukhareva, V. V. Timokhin) 121
  • Psychological and pedagogical prevention of asocial behavior in students of general education organizations: theory and practice. (I. S. Sokolov) 130

Dura lex sed lex

  • Risks of staff in the system of personnel risks in penal system institutions and agencies. (A. Yu. Dolinin) 139

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