Table of contents and abstracts № 1 for 2017

Methodology and theory of legal psychology

  • The search for national idea as a psychological problem. (A. V. Yurevich) 6
  • To the problem of normative legal regulation of psychological practice. (Yu. S. Shojgu) 15
  • Methodological foundations of anti-suicidal work organization. (N. A. Stepanov) 2 24
  • On increasing of hardiness in convicted for long-term imprisonment. (T. V. Bystrova, V. M. Pozdnyаkov) 30

Applied and experimental researches

  • Individual-typological predictors of involvement of mentally sane persons into criminal activity. (A. S. Vasil’chenko, A. A. Dubinskij, N. E. Lysenko) 37
  • Peculiarities of autobiographic memory of convicts who are found to be persistent violators of the established order of serving sentence in correctional institutions. (N. G. Sobolev, A. N. Mikhajlov) 48
  • Problem fields of forensic psychological expertise of right to rear children. (I. A. Gor’kovaya) 55
  • Environmental and personal factors of breakdown of post-penitentiary re-socialization of serving second conviction. (N. А. Tsvetkova, E. A. Durova) 62
  • Peculiarities of military personnel temperament. (N. A. Fomina, M. Yu. Khramov) 70
  • Comparison of personality characteristics of deliberate and reckless killers. (E. S. Steshich) 77

Psychology of social phenomena and life quality

  • Obsessive passion for computer games as a factor of teenagers’ deviant behavior. (L. N. Nikitina) 86
  • Some socio-psychological problems of suicide behavior of minors at large, in penal institutions and the ways of their solution. (O. G. Anan’ev, B. V. Aleksandrov) 93
  • Genesis of psychogenic losses as a cause for suicidal behavior of law enforcement agencies’ officers and their correction at extreme conditions of life activity. (V. I. Serov, E. V. Ovcharova) 101


  • Foreign experience of psychological support of preventive activities of law enforcement agencies’ officers. (A. S. Dushkin, E. G. Zueva) 112
  • Psychometric expert: advantages and disadvantages of program complex in the light of modern development of penal psychological service. (D. Yu. Kryukova) 119

Assistance to administrators

  • Professionally important qualities of penal officers. (Yu. M. Reksha) 125

Scientific life

  • Problems of counteractions to child’s suicides committed in the result of illegal application of special measures of influence on individual and group consciousness of adolescents through social nets of Internet. (D. M. Plotkin) 129
  • Problems of suicidal behavior in youth environment. (T. A. Simakova, E. E. Gavrina, E. A. Shhelkushkina) 133

Assistance to young scientists

  • Conceptualization of ideas about the resort subjectity. (M. I. Ilyushina, I. P. Krasnoshchenko) 138
  • Social representations of students about corruption. (V. S. Lukina, T. F. Larionova) 147

Dura lex sed lex

  • Comparative legal analysis of institutions of life imprisonment and early release according to several foreign countries. (D. V. Gorbach, N. N. Kutakov) 155
  • The importance of preventive work of juvenile crime investigators. (V. V. Fomin) 160
  • Review of V. F. Engalychev, G. K. Kravtsova, E. N. Holopova monograph «Forensic psychological expertise on revealing of indicators of reliability/unreliability of information reported by members of legal procedure (on video recording of investigative actions and investigation and search operations)» 166

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