Table of contents and abstracts № 4 for 2016

Methodology and theory of legal psychology

  • Psychology of criminal behavior: views of foreign scientists. (G. V.Scherbakov, I. V. Lavrenteva) 6
  • Development of adaptability of military school students in educational environment. (G. I. Aksenova, P. Yu. Aksenova) 12
  • Theory and history of subjective historical and psychological time notions. (D. V. Sochivko) 19
  • Socio-pedagogical rehabilitation of children in difficult life situations, as an interdisciplinary problem. (S. N. Tolstikova, N. I. Nikitina) 29
  • Psychological and pedagogical support of drug addicted prisoners: analysis of the problem, experience and outlooks for research. (I. S. Ganishina, A. I. Usatikov) 36

Applied and experimental researches

  • Psychological parameters of convicted women’s correction. (N. A. Polyanin, D. V. Pestrikov, D. A. Kurdin) 42
  • Socio-psychological problems of releasing prisoners. (А. N. Mikhajlov) 47
  • Characterological peculiarities of probationers who committed crimes at probation period. (O. А. Majorov, V. F. Engalychev) 52
  • Adolescent’s deviations as substituting form of behavior. (P. S. Alekseeva, N. Yu. Prokop’eva) 61
  • Complex approach to understanding of individual work with the convicts. (S. A. Kutyakin, G .V. Kurbatova) 69

 Psychology of social phenomena and life quality

  • Sense of duty and types of credit-dept behavior. (A. N. Lebedev, O. V. Gordyakova) 74


  • Transformation of adolescents’ identity on social network as a problem of their psychological security. (K. V. Kabanov) 83
  • Psychological and pedagogical peculiarities of forming readiness for suppression of illegal actions in officers of internal affairs authorities. (A. A. Rozhkov, T. А. Khrustaleva) 88
  • Trends in study of personality disorders of convicted women in Russian psychology. (O. I. Sochivko) 93

Assistance to administrators

  • Escapes of convicts as a problem aspect in organization of control in colony-settlements and on colony-settlements’ districts. (M. A. Kirillov) 98
  • Improvement of educational work with variable stuff in educational organizations of Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia. (А. V. Parshkov, E. А. Shhelkushkina) 103
  • Psychological aspects of organizational and staff changes in system of law-enforcement bodies of Russian Federation. (A. O. Burtsev N. V.Efimkina) 109

Assistance to young scientists

  • Individual-and-typological peculiarities of sportsmen-students of RF Penal System universities who are specialized in cyclic kinds of sports. (A. A. Zharkich, N. A. Ankudinov, E. N. Kozhevnikova) 113

Dura lex sed lex

  • Forced feeding of convicts: problem statement. (A. V. Dergachev, A. P. Skiba) 119
  • Prevention of organized crime: main problems. (B. E. Koshelyuk) 124
  • On the issue of legislative and legal approaches to penal understanding of extremist and terrorist activity. (А. V. Zherebchenko) 127
  • Responsibility of parts to contract of obligatory state life and health insurance of penal system officers. (A. I. Machkasov) 132
  • Role of security measures in investigation of crimes connected with illegal turn-over of drugs in penal institutions. (S. D. Averkin) 138
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