Table of contents and abstracts № 3 for 2016

Methodology and theory of legal psychology

  • Psychological characteristics of positive legal responsibility. (Lipinsky D. A.) 6
  • The psychology of hooliganism (the normativity of nature and the non-normativity of soul). (Tyurin P. l.) 14
  • Psychodynamic approach in the study of profiling abilities of law enforcement agencies employees. (Sochivko D. V. Gabidov M. A.) 24
  • Forensic psychological examination in criminal case proving: problem issues. (Vaske E. V.) 32

Applied and experimental researches

  • Socio-psychological mechanisms of behavior self-regulation of convicts who are preparing for release: narrative-biographical approach. (Godovanets O. G., Durov E. A., Tsvetkova N. A.) 40
  • Socio-psychological determinants effecting formation of corrupt behavior. (Gavrina E. E.) 47
  • Formation of psychological readiness of penal system employees to use combat weapon in extreme cases. (Pestrikov D. V., Polyanin N. A., Pentiashin E. V.) 56
  • Foreign language as a resource of spirituality`s forming in students of military schools and universities. (Aipova M. M.) 66

Psychology of social phenomena and life quality

  • Correlation of cognitive components of subjective life quality with indices of decision making. (Bakanov A. S., Savchenko T. N., Golovina G. M.) 73
  • Technologies of social and psychological influence on a person in modern information society. (Pominov A. V., Stratu J. A.) 81


  • Formation of personal qualities in students of Academy of the FPS of Russia as foundations of professional competence. (Bespalova T. M., Kovalchuk I. A.)89
  • Theoretical aspects of research of the problem of marginality of a convicted person in a closed system. (Pisarev O. M.) 96
  • The inferiority complex of criminal-executive system’s employees. (Vlasyuk E. N.) 103

Assistance to administrators

  • Main trends in work with prisoners with suicidal behavior, suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction and AIDS-virus in the quarantine units: theoretical and organizational aspects. (Novikov E. E.) 108
  • Personal security officer MIS at the initial stage of service in prison. (Gorbach D. V., Kutakov N. N.) 118

Scientific life

  • Vladimir Rostislavovich Truntsevsky – from the senior technician to the head of university. (Makhiboroda N. I.) 121
  • The head, the teacher, the friend – to Sergey Nikolaevich Ponomarev’s anniversary. (Makhiboroda N. I.) 122

Assistance to young scientists

  • On development of professional mentality in future specialists of Penal System of Russia. (Elatomtsev I. V.) 124
  • Ways and conditions of pedagogical prevention of asocial behavior of students of educational institutions. (Sokolov I. S.) 130

Dura lex sed lex

  • To the problem of normative –legal regulation of legal relationships in the sphere of anti-corruption security. (Panarin D. A., Parshkov A. V.) 137
  • Organization of victomological preventive measures for violent crimes committed by the convicts in penal colonies. (Minkova E. A.) 146
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